Anubis Hearts

   This shareware program is a simulation of the well known card game of Hearts.

   There are other Heart game available for the macintosh, 
   but none of them had a card set which was worth looking at. 

   So we created our own.
   Here at Anubis, Inc. we like to generate software which is clean, small and useful. 

   If you like large downloads and a lot of fluff, your probably in the wrong place.

   But if you want a game which is fun to play and reasonably priced, 
   this could be for you. 

   It's shareware. So you can try it out with no risk,  Download it today.

   This game requires a $5.00 Shareware License.   Why  Shareware ?


Download Anubis Hearts   752K    Version 1.2.7   Updated: Mar 5th 2008
  For OS X and OS 9.x Macintosh

 Download SLK photo Folder ( for all versions ) 910K   download and put this folder into the main folder. Then after you register you can use these images with the card set.

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Version History:

1.0        Inital Release
1.1        Fix problem with registration dialog okay button
1.2        New Jumbo cards, rounded cards, OS X carbon version
1.2.1     Fixed black out finder.
1.2.2     New about window
1.2.3     Add folder import for jpg images on cards, and history, best score
1.2.4     Fix Apple Events handler.
1.2.5     New Rule to disable moonshot by CPU and Human
1.2.7     Improve auto play, and fix error where cpu would lead hearts without them being broken