Anubis Casino

    This shareware program is a simulation of 15 popular casino table games.

    Included games are:
         Caribbean Stud Poker,
         Casino War, 
         Double Down Stud,
         Hold'em Fold'em,
         Let it Ride,
         Pai-Gow Domino,
         Pai-Gow Poker, 
         Poker 3-5-7,
         Sic Bo,
         Texas Holdem,
         Three Card poker

    • New card set, improved graphics and you control the card size and spacing
    • JPEG, PICT image support, you can put your own images on the cards.
    • You can change the chip colors and amount ranges, set 'em like your favorite
    • Easy to use controls, play by using pull-down menus, menu-shortcuts, 
       onscreen buttons or your choice of keystroke.
    • Each user can have his own set of preferences for sound and keyboard options
    • On screen display of total money and net at a table.
    • History Dialogs to show how well you've done at an individual table.

    If you want table action, just like the casino this is it. Our clean interface provides a 2-D casino table,  so you can focus solely on betting and playing.

    Put your chips where you want them. Bet in any amount, we take care of the cents.  Several games have auto bet features: where you can set up a group of bets, and place them with one press of a button. 
    If you're a gambler and want to practice up before going to vegas, this program is for you. If you want some 3-D flashing slot machine, you will be disappointed.  
    Anubis Casino can also use Apples Speech Manager to allow the dealer to interact with the user.

    $20.00 Shareware License    Why Shareware

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Download Casino ( OS X ) 2.4 MB  Version 1.5.2  Released: Sept 4th  2006

Download Casino ( OS 9 ) 3.1 MB  Version 1.5.2  Released: Sept 4th  2006

Download SLK photo Folder ( for all versions ) 910K   download and put this folder into the main folder. Then after you register you can use these images with the card set.

See Screen Shots from Anubis Casino   Check out the Pai Gow Poker shots, where your JPEG photos can be part of the card set.

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Download html help files      454 K   or Read them online

We're only developing Carbon applications now.
If you would like a 68k version, please email

Version History:

1.0        Initial Release
1.0.1     Fixed volume flag for time dialog.
1.0.2     added debug code for bad time dialog.
1.0.3     Use math64 package for Time dialog calculation, some users had problems.
1.0.4     Moved Preferences to new EDIT menu, Fixed bug of speech manager not usable.
1.0.5     Fixed flaw in Baccarat, where banker would not draw if players 3 card total was 8 or 9.
1.2.0     Added Let it Ride, History dialogs, 1000 times club, fixed several display issues.
1.2.1     Fixed Roulette payouts, Craps features ( on / off on come out roll )
1.2.2     Fixed chip accuracy problem.
1.2.3     Internal Release
1.2.4     Fixed hide_finder toggle and Locked file problems.
1.3.0    Added 5 games, user can choose colors for chips, New card set, user can decide on card size and spacing.
1.3.3     Improved Graphics, chips can be placed closer together, fixed currency pref.
1.3.4     Total Chip value can now go up to 2^64, fixed BlackJack key options, Sic-Bo shows winning bets
1.4.0     New Jumbo Poker Deck, OS X supported now with Anubis Casino Carbon
1.4.1     Fixes during power up
1.4.2     New intro and quicker chip drag interface, now works with OS 10.2.6
1.4.4     New Card edges, new buttons, new craps options, numeric pref for OS X
1.4.6     Fixed finder black out, and menu init for OS X.
1.4.7     Menu init fix for OS X
1.4.8     Numeric pref fix for OS X
1.4.9     Add delete gambler button to select gambler.
1.5.0     Add new roulette option, rotated numbers on board
1.5.1     Add folder import for jpg images on cards
1.5.2     Add two more games: Poker 3-5-7 and Texas Holdem