Anubis, Inc.

The Anubis corporation is dedicated to developing 
the highest quality of software for the Apple Macintosh.

All Anubis products now are available in Carbon versions. 
They will execute on OS X without starting up classic.
They've been tested on Tiger 10.4 OS.

Anubis Casino
Casino Page
Sep 4th 2006
Friday Night Poker
Poker Page
Feb 2nd 2008
Anubis Hearts
Hearts Page
Mar 5th 2008
Anubis Freecell
Freecell Page
Mar 5th 2008
Anubis Video Poker
Video Poker Page
Mar 28th 2006
Anubis Calculator
Calculator Page
Feb 17th 2008

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You can add jpegs to any of our products,  download the html help page for more information.

This is the actual size of our Jumbo Card set:

  Quotes from users who sent us email about Anubis Casino

"it is a GREAT PROGRAM!  It's the first casino program I've ever used  (PC or Mac) that feels exactly like it does at the tables"

"I think you've developed the best baccarat game so far for the MACINTOSH."

 BioWorks v1.0 was released on July 19th 1999. Find out more.

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